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Infographics are wonderful things. They condense information into digestible nuggets and visualise facts in beautiful ways. Well, that’s just got a whole lot better now that Disney has released an infographic of its character costume changes.

From Cinderella’s style evolution (first) - from her pyjamas to the iconic, fairy godmother-made ballgown - to the five dresses we see Belle wearing in Beauty and the Beast (fourth down), the diagram features 10 Disney princesses next to illustrations of all their outfits.

While Pocahontas has zero costume changes (sixth down), Tiana from The Princess and the Froghas the most, with a total of nine dresses (second from bottom).

Our personal favourite has to be Mulan’s costume changes (third from bottom), which charts her journey from a being a young woman in rural China to fighting in the war, disguised as a male soldier.

Rather disappointingly, the infographic does not feature Scottish Princess Merida from Brave, who wears a Medieval-style green dress and the latest female Disney leads, Anna and Elsa, in Frozen. Elsa has the most memorable style transformation when she leaves her kingdom, fed up of hiding her powers, and creates her own ice world with a phenomenal matching dress.

We eagerly await an updated infographic from Disney, but in the meantime, take a look at this brilliant diagram below.


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